How do I buy one of your pieces?

You can buy our homewares online, at one of our markets or through one of our stockiest.

We try to restock our online store every 2-3 weeks with a collection of items. Our restocks have been selling out really fast so it’s best to keep an eye on our Instagram for updates and set an alarm!

Your sale is not finalized until it is paid for, putting it in your cart does not reserve it for you.

Do you do Custom Pieces?

We are not taking custom order at the moment. If there is a particular item you are after let us know, we always take into account what you guys are asking for when planning our stocks!

Tell me about your shipping!

We only ship within Australia currently (we’re sorry!)

We send our order through Sendle or Australia Post. You will get an email with your tracking details once your order is packaged. We aim to pack everything the next business day, but some larger restocks can take us longer to box. All orders are sent via regular post.

Postage is free for orders over $150 or $8 for orders under $150.

What happens if my Order brakes in the post?

We spend a lot of time packaging every item so they are as safe as possible for the post! Unfortunately, breakages cans till happen from time to time if the parcel is handled roughly.

Your item is insured up to $100 automatically, if your order is valued over $100 you can purchase extra cover for $2 per extra $100 cover.

If you item breaks please send us photos and we will lodge a claim for you. We can then either refund you the money or paint you a new item if possible!

How do I care for my Item?

We recommend a gentle hand wash and dry. Your item is microwave and dishwasher safe but for the longevity of your item it is best not to. Your item is a work of art and needs to be treated so.

Do you make your ceramics?

We work with some ceramics that we hand make and some that we source pre made. We LOVE painting that is our number 1 passion, ceramics have just ended up being our canvas.

We spend hours hand painting each item, we then glaze and fire them all. It takes a lot of time! Using pre made ceramics allows us to keep our ceramics at the current price range.

We are working on more hand made ceramics for the future!


What’s the inspiration behind your designs?

During our early days doing markets we always had people commenting on what our art reminds them of. Hearing everything from Gorman to 70s’ nostalgia prints, we love the fact that everyone

can interpret our work differently and hopefully you find love and connection in that too. Our goal has always to make colourful designs that bring a smile to your face and joy to your home.

Coming from a fashion background we are obsessed with different textural art forms like weaving, textiles and collage (think late Matisse and Kindah Khalidy!). This has been our biggest influence, particularly in the way we try to use pattern to bring texture to a smooth flat surface.

We started out painting avocado and banana prints and our style grew to a more abstract form. We love bouncing shapes and ideas off each other and look across all types of nature and shapes. Sharnah loved coral for a while!

We love celebrating the beautiful Australian flora, I (Charissa!) grew up with the most incredible native garden. My parents where passionate about Australian natives and my mum did a lot of watercolour native botanical so she's been a massive inspiration to me personally.